Friday, October 19, 2012

Show #47

Riot Radio Show #47

Spent Flesh- south philly style
Plague Dogs- into the fire
Nihilist Cunt- salvia/ d-beat
Mutant Genes- straight to hell
Dopestroke- wet brain
Pretty Bullshit- monsters, nightmares, and other things like you
Dipers- bodega justice
The Imposters- hall of mirrors
The Charley Few- new boots
The Broosevelts- this bike is a gravity bong
Agitator- boggieman
The Mostly Dead- culture dog
NERV- inside out
Anal Warhead- reality
Guerrilleros De Nadie- aun existe
Murder City Hooligans- working class
Night Birds- prognosis: negative
Spent Flesh- 131002 on the walls
Negative Degree- dead void
Media Blitz- a void
Beak Lizzy- one
Plague Dogs- barren
The Imposters- empty canvas
The Dirty Works- i shoot up

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