Monday, November 19, 2012

Show #48

Riot Radio #48

The Adults- planet fitness
Guerrilleros De Nadie- h1n1
Spent Flesh- newest gizmo
The Imposters- nutshell
Anal Warhead- blind obssesion
Citizen Vicious- straight line
Society's Ill's- city
Nihilist Cunt- relationshits
Negative Degree- punch out
The Charley Few- all we have
Blackout Shoppers- ludlow
Plague Dogs- bastard land
Pretty Bullshit- from push to shove
Dopestroke- social loathing
Manovalanza- dna
Night Birds- send me home
NERV- i don't want to talk about it
Media Blitz- thanks for nothing
Aristokoks- human nature
Agitator- i don't like it
The Adults- serfin' the shitty seas
Munchausen- suburban squares

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