Saturday, January 19, 2013

Show #49

Riot Radio Show #49

Attitude Era- critical thinking
Crippled Fox- angry planet, angry people
Dirty Work- dirty air
Noise Complaint- sick sucks
Lei Do Cao- no sufoco
The Imposters- chewed up
The Adults- what would greg sage do?
The Charley Few- last call
The Hated- drinking for a living
Nihilist Cunt- sodomize religion/ corporate terrorist
Bumpin' Tocos- bitches
A Fight With Sledge Hammers- marred
Plague Dogs- lights out
Brutal Youth- so what? sew buttons
Jonesin'- nothing at all
Guerrilleros De Nadie- se marchara
Citizen Vicious- payback
Spent Flesh- short fuse
Pretty Bullshit- escape from new york
Society"s ills- tequila shots
Lei Do Cao- coesao familiar
Dopestroke- safewords
Noise Complaint- nord est
Dirty Work- get by
The Aristokoks- liberace libernazis
Coffin' Fit- untitled

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