Friday, March 1, 2013

Show #50

Riot Radio #50

Broken Prayer- 10,000 species
War Emblem- carcinogens
Lei Do Cao- sair da linha
Nihilist Cunt- unrealistic dreams
Dirty Work- you hate yourself
Noise Complaint- bomb the bus
Spew- run out, pass out, or die
Hounds And Harlots- coming for you
Lisa Doll And The Rock n' Roll Romance- mix tape girl
Bad Side- full demo
Animal Train- thin thread
The Imposters- on my own
Society's ills- perpetual motion
The Adults- off
Crippled Fox- superhero
Spent Flesh- icebox
Attitude Era- cut the act
Plague Dogs- ugly as fuck
Jaw Clencher- endless
12 Soap- goat
NERV- can't help it
War Emblem- friction
Dirty Work- fleas
Pussy Collector- shocker
Broken Prayer- had to laugh
Charley Few- real friends

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