Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Show #59

Riot Radio Show #59

Born Wrong- heretic
Ancient Filth- 9/11/73
Silent Order- forward to death
Doom Town- revenge
Bad Side- bleak future
Wimp Talk- unknown track 3
Snag- the hilt
Skeptic- bailout
The Destructors- all my friends in new york
The Parasitix- american immigrant
Laughing Stock- stoked on stress
Wayward Ones- consume
Hard Charger- doc ellis
Nuklear Blast Suntan- intelligent design
La URSS- sado en belgrado
Zlo- aktuaalne kaamera
Spanyurd- soap digest
DNR- two heavenly creatures
No More Victims- operation: backfire
Antithought- king arthur
Proletariat Punch- serve and protect who
Autistic Youth- out of my head
Sonny Vincent and the Bad Reactions- replica
The Franceens- need
Albion Gold- half baked with anger
Nekromantiker- necromantiker
Los Bastards- merry christmas

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