Saturday, February 22, 2014

Show #60

Riot Radio Show #60

Thee Mighty Fevers- emotion fire
Cleansing Wave- don't wait
Midnite Brain- second dream
Born Wrong- loujack cafe
The Instigation- brainwashed
Snag- misanthrope
Hard Charger- long drop into hell
Emeute Oi- police brutality
Shameless- bastard!
Ancient Filth- forced fed freedom
Bad Side- looking for a bad time
Laughing Stock- glued to the tube
No more Victims- slaughterhouse affliction
Spanyurd- satan is still my motor blue island
Antithought- company man
Pantychrist- never love anything
99 Bottles- lost my way
Autistic Youth- everyday once more
The 2-4's- action/reaction
Thee Mighty Fevers- bad party
The Parasitix- laid off
The Instigation- no rules
Wimp Talk- unknown track 5
DSK- racist scum
Wayward Ones- class war
Askultura- the science of sweet snatch

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