Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Show #61

Riot Radio Show #61

Shameless- oi! for my nation
Bad Energy- hate bubble
Ancient Filth- alternate realities
Midnite Brain- pound of flesh
M Section- uniform
The Instigation- misery guts
Nihilist Cunt- the ditch
Askultura- hometown hope
Cleansing Wave- paying our own hangman
DSK- conform or be rejected
Albion Gold- autoimmune
Spanyurd- glenn allen anzalone
Thee Mighty Fevers- after school shadow
The Ejector Seats- they decided
Antithought- lake thunderbird
Born Wrong- true patriot love
Emeute Oi- kids of today
Autistic Youth- moral uniforms
The Dog Town Rebels- someday
Laughing Stock- wasting precious time
Hard Charger- jack moose
Pantychrist- carve my name into your chest
99 Bottles- i know why

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