Friday, April 25, 2014

Show #62


Riot Radio Show #62

The Charley Few- fist fight tonight
The Holidays- it's over
Nihilist Cunt- feedoff
The Instigation- no way out
Civil Evacuation- us or them
Failed Mutation- hard to care
Ancient Filth- moderate edge
Laughing Stock- i am a laughing stock
Shameless- 30 years tomorrow
The Stasi- eyes in the forest
New Reality- long way from home
Nuclear Special Forces- last road to hell
Nomad- akume
Spanyurd- metal songs
Thee Mighty Fevers- good fuck good night
The Ejector Seats- carpool trap
The 2-4's- jackie
Askultura- gutter queen
Hard Charger- blitzkrieg inferno
Born Wrong- destroying the family
Bad Energy- another world
M Section- legos
Emeute Oi- stop pretending
99 Bottles- skinhead violence
The Holidays- fence watcher
The Charley Few- punk fire

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