Saturday, May 31, 2014

Show #63


Riot Radio Show #63

Stoic Violence- abused   
Nihilist Cunt- everything falls apart
Brain Tumors- improper execute    
Bad Energy- dead magic
Silent Order- gauntlet of lies
the Holidays- bus freak
the Instigation- crack baby
Dead On The Streets- america today   
Shameless- guilty
The Charley Few- whatever happened
Hard Charger- intoxicator
Infernoh- dodens vantrum  
Nomad- tsuzuku   
Born Wrong- holding cell
Retching Red- i've been so mad lately
Ancient Filth- learn love create
Bad Side- untitled 04
Brain Tumors- exploits     
New Reality- this world is too loud  
Failed Mutation- play the game 
Nihilist Cunt- insane
Thee Mighty Fevers- high-school riot
The Stasi- what do you do when you're silent?
Autistic Youth- always running
Immoral Discipline- stay at home skinhead
Doom Town- eternal stare

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