Thursday, July 3, 2014

Show #64


Riot Radio Show #64  4th Year Anniversary

Population Zero- blast effects
Grand Collapse- snapshot
Snag- business as usual
Broadcast Zero- scene politics
Nihilist Cunt- monkey see, monkey do
Stoic Violence- cut down
The Holidays- is that what you call art
Ancient Filth- fascist religion
Antithought- fucking up is what i do best
Broken Prayer- you were right
Nuklear Blast Suntan- to your feet
Nomad- track 2
Hero Dishonest- kuolet sairaana, masentueen ja vapaana
Failed Mutation- your time
New Reality- with pity brings pain
Latex- eye to eye
Set Aside- what do you think
The Instigation- the instigation
Spanyurd- manowhore
Youth Avoiders- wild ones
The Bad Doctors- prism, mirror, lens
Autistic Youth- battles lost
The Charley Few- generation society
Thee Mighty Fevers- r 'n' r
La URSS- que ascome dan
Brain Tumors- rules of abuse
No More Victims- corporate value of a prisoner
Zlo- tunneteta
The Aristokoks- uncle dave
Grand Collapse- divergence
Hard Charger- charm school
The Stasi- disciplinary action
Tight Bros- trapped in my head
Shameless- we are the boys

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