Friday, August 29, 2014

Show #65


Riot Radio Show #65

Grand Collapse- turbid milieu
The Holidays- shirt
Latex- static
Brain Tumors- old habits
Laughing Stock- homeschool shooting
Bad Energy- oblivion
Nervous Aggression- burn it down
The Charley Few- power disease
Civil Evacuation- wage slave
Population Zero- threatening skies
Infernoh- lid
Nuklear Blast Suntan- a political matter
Membrane- membrane
1/4 Dead- puerile
Thee Mighty Fevers- 13 black
Alcohol Fueled- poison
Justice Blocc- it's nothing new
Shameless- fashion week
Nihilist Cunt- chitlins tunic
Grand Collapse- just add water
The Stasi- german guilt
Metalleg- physical therapy
New Reality- tears
Hard Charger- call from below
Dead On The Streets- early grave 

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