Saturday, September 27, 2014

Show #66


Riot Radio Show #66

Neighborhood Brats- the pharmacy is closer then the liquor store
Davidians- bummer tent
A-Town Sluts- fog of war
Brain Tumors- brain tumors
Mongoloid- slam pig
Dronez- enemy
Latex- social suicide
Drug Shock- burn the bastards
Grand Collapse- far from the callous crowd
Hard Charger- till the living die
Alcohol Fueled- concrete jungle
Laughing Stock- over it
Thee Mighty Fevers- sunday breakdown
1/4 Dead- printing press
Autistic Youth- couriers of kings
The Stasi- ghost
Population Zero- preemptive action
Membrane- hollow earth
Nomad- bakudan
The Holidays- no one's
Neighborhood Brats- one wasted year
Nervous Aggression- Never Cared
Civil Evacuation- drone attack
Slicing Grandpa- holidays in the sun

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