Thursday, October 30, 2014

Show #67


Riot Radio Show #67   

Leather- glutton
Slugz- empty space
Latex- trapped
The Brood- cut them down
Brain Tumors- group therapy/ v-neck rejects/ whatabummer
Doom Whore- gary busey's teeth
Grand Collapse- slack
Rakta- run to the forest/ repetition
Skullians- jail bird
Shameless- friday night losers
Neighborhood Brats- lip service
Nihilist Cunt- unemployment
Deadmen- chemical dependency
Davidians- bauhaus beachhaus
Thee Mighty Fevers- black leather no. 1
The Holidays- i don't want to dance
The Brood- defective
Dronez- fuck you and all you don't stand for
Mongoloid- wallet sniffer
Alcohol Fueled- halfway dead
Slugz- sick as a dog
Laughing Stock- wasting precious time
Leather- new skin
Hard Charger- still fucking pissed

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