Friday, September 25, 2015

Show #74

Riot Radio Show #74

Suicidas- cuerda floja
Systematik- no redemption
Nightfall- poison control
Malokio- futuro feo
Aggressive Response- self-destroyer
Low Charge- charge low
Urban Savage- when the days comes
Dark Thoughts- the sound
Skullians- stop this train
Oldfashioned Ideas- never on my own
Spent Flesh- drug money
Haldol- hasbara
Pretty Hurts- bricks
Stillsuit- 11
La URSS- amen
The Shame- crossing the line
Breakout- fill your boots
Latex- bitter fate
Pale Heads- small town casualty
Nightfall- taste of death
Slimy Member- slaughter the pigs
Ritual Control- some old scars
Hub City Stompers- leave me the fuck alone 

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