Thursday, October 29, 2015

Show #75

Riot Radio Show #75

Urban Savage- thieving bastards
Orden Mundial- lenguas envenendas
Subsistance- keep up the fight
Malokio- selvaggio
Blank Spell- proof
Royal Oi!- musica oi!
Dark Thoughts- fallin' out
Round Eye- city livin'
The Charley Few- never gave up
Make Your Mark- working class
Oldfashioned Ideas- last days of order
Systematik- another nightmare
Skeptic- desperation
Breakout- no choice
Nightfall- contamination
La URSS- gritos
Urban Savage- i got nothing to say
Suicidas- contra
Pretty Hurts- separate ends
Stillsuit- 3
Spent Flesh- gay love
Orden Mundial- el linaje y la familia
Snag- all time low
The Shame- faded glory

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