Sunday, January 8, 2017

Show #86

Riot Radio Show #86

Violent Society- simcha
Hardknocks- this one's for us
Mohawk Barbie- mi impotencia
Blank Spell- larval
Ancient Filth- unperson
Filthy Twolips- icy spiders
Menace- one minute song
The Missile Toads- decorate the christmas tree
Seaside Rebels- not the season to be jolly
No Time- bow to none
Dopestroke- climb
Enamel- leech
Cult Values- prepare for cold
He Who Cannot Be Named- war on christmas
Lazy Class- sick of it all
Rogue Trooper- boots on the ground
N.E.G.- unplug
Macho Boys- slam
Abuse- tomorrow
Oldfashioned Ideas- holidays
JJ Speedball- xmas twist
Bonecrusher- christmas time again

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