Friday, February 10, 2017

Show #87

Riot Radio Show #87

Mohawk Barbie- rrash
Meter Feeder- lemon trees on mercury
Penetrode- loss adjustment
Enamel- don't care
Ancient Filth- systematic reality
Booji Boys- new richard
S-21- year zero
A-Town Sluts- we get high
Violent Society- abandoned city
Prins Carl- 2015
Filthy Twolips- hammurabi's chode
Dopestroke- mirrors on bridges
Rogue Trooper- bonehead
Yum-Yuckers- burn
No Thrills- razorblades and piano keys
Blank Spell- nervous language
Booji Boys- bad boy blues
Penetrode- castrati
Cult Values- stones
Oldfashioned Ideas- fuck off
Parasites- i wanna be like dee dee ramone
No Time- my rules
Abuse- enough is enough

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