Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Show #88

Riot Radio Show #88

Dronez- living in filth
Mohawk Barbie- beastly people
Exotica- depression
Ancient Filth- empathy/ pleasure seekers
Ultra- libertad de expresion
HEZ- mujer
Cell- memory/ half truth
Booji Boys- confess + control
Meter Feeder- legends of roll
Dopestroke- what it means
Penetrode- out to lunch
Round Eye- jangling cowboy
Wild At Heart- gone
Rogue Trooper- rogue trooper
Cult Values- parallel
Ultra- condenados
S-21- chaos in the streets
The Brood- the void stares back
Foreign Legion- our world today
HEZ- fiel al ruido
Macho Boys- class of 1984
Exotica- perseguida
No Time- make no mistake

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